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Whether tattoo removal, HIFU lifting or hair removal: visit us in Essen

Your professionalist  in the field of tattoo removal, laser hair removal in Essen

It has never been so easy to do something good in terms of aesthetics. You no longer have to shame of tattoo sins from your youth, just come to our Laser Aesthetics Institute in Essen and get rid of your unwanted tattoo. We perform the tattoo removal with the help of the latest laser technology, so that you know your unloved tattoo eliminated within a few sessions without significant traces. In our Laser Aesthetics Institute in Essen the tattoo removal is painless and gentle, because the surrounding skin is not damaged, but only the tattoo itself is removed. Even with large tattoos we help you with the tattoo removal professionally and competently. After all, nobody should wear a tattoo that he does not like anymore. Often you can no longer identify with the tattoo, even in the professional world, such as banks or insurance, tattoo removal may be necessary. Simply contact us and we will plan the tattoo removal in Essen together with you.

Treat disturbing and unloved hair with hair removal

Straight disturbing hair or an increased hair growth in unfavourable places, be it the lady beard or an increased hair growth on the back with men, can justify a permanent hair removal by laser. If your hair growth on various body zones is annoying, you come to a preliminary talk in our institute and can be exactly informed about the permanent hair removal by laser in Essen, in our home. In permanent hair removal, we rely on laser technology to make unwanted hair disappear in the long run. Your advantages in laser hair removal in Essen are here in particular that you can see the first results of hair removal in Essen after the first treatment. In the treatment of unwanted hair growth, you go into the hands of trained specialists, who advise you in detail in an initial interview.
Another plus: to convince yourself of the results, the test treatment (small zone) in our house is free, so you can decide in peace, whether you want to continue the treatment.

Discover your youth: with a facelift in Essen

In addition to tattoo removal, we also offer other fields of activity in our Laser Aesthetics Institute in Essen, such as facelifting. If you have scary images of celebrity surprises – we can reassure you: we’re not going to do a facelift with you. Our face HIFU lift serves skin rejuvenation – so we do not perform the facelifting with scalpel, but use the so-called HIFU-lifting method: that is, that the lifting is realised by ultrasonic waves. In this type of lifting, in fact, only the areas on the face that require rejuvenation are treated. Above all, the benefits of HIFU Lifting are that the treatment is painless and the ultrasound energy stimulates the skin to regenerate and firm itself. This creates a natural rejuvenating effect on the skin.
Get professional advice on HIFU Lifting from us at the Laser Aesthetics Institute in Essen.

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