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Hello Winter Treatments - with glow through the cold season

9. November 2023

There are now many treatment options using energy-based, innovative technologies to treat skin problems such as sagging skin, scars, acne & blemished skin, pigmentation spots, broken veins and rosacea. The winter season allows for more intensive treatments due to less sun exposure. To get your skin glowing through the cold season, we have prepared the exclusive Hello Winter Facials for you with discounts of up to 37%.

Are you ready for a winter with a special glow? With the special Hello Winter Treatments: Glow through the cold season, we’ll make your version of this winter not only cozy, but also radiant. You can book these facials as individual treatments, or as packages, or gift vouchers with discounts of up to 37%!

Come & Glow Facials

“I feel good”

Relaxation Facial with LPG Energmologie – a deep facial massage for relaxation with a plumping effect for relaxed and radiant skin. Finally, Celluma light therapy is used with a red light for anti-ageing stimulation.

“I’ve got my eyes on you”

Facial treatment for the eye area using HIFU technology – highly focused ultrasound for skin tightening. You will then receive a high-quality mask from Dermaceuticals with highly concentrated active ingredients, which ensures a great immediate effect and supports the treatment, followed by Celluma Light Therapy to soothe the skin and provide additional stimulation.


Facial treatment for everyone, also for couperose & pigmentation disorders using IPL & laser technology. This facial treatment is particularly suitable for skin with irregular skin tone, pigmentation spots and/or dilated veins/rosacea/couperose problems. IPL / laser light is versatile, removes pigmentation disorders, reduces redness and has an anti-ageing effect. This treatment is painless and does not take long. Only a slight reddening of the face is visible after the treatment. Finally, we will apply a high-quality DP Dermaceuticals mask, followed by Celluma Light Therapy to soothe the skin and provide additional stimulation.

Akne & unreine Haut Treatments

Akne Starter

is a facial treatment for acne and/or blemished skin.

Mask Peel Treatment is a professional cosmetic peel. For the appearance of oily and acne-prone skin, enlarged pores and excess sebum. Cleanses the epidermis and tightens the pores. The Mark Peel is suitable for all skin types and phototypes. It is a so-called “midday peel” No social time-out and little to no skin flaking. The Mask Peel:
-Cleanses the epidermis
-Brightens the dull complexion
-Reduces sebum production
-Tightens the pores
-Regulates oily skin and enlarged pores

Finally, we will apply a professional DP Dermaceuticals mask and use the “Celluma Medical Light Therapy” to calm the skin.

Acne Deluxe Facial is a facial treatment for acne and/or blemished skin using Milk Peel. Milk Peel Treatment is a professional medical peel. Intended for the treatment of mild acne, keratosis pilaris and superficial pigmented lesions. This peel is suitable for all skin types and phototypes. It is a so called “midday peel” No social time out and little to no skin flaking and can be combined with other aesthetic treatments. The Milk Peel:
-Reduces acne lesions,

  • Eliminates superficial pigmentation spots,
    -Improves the condition of keratosis pilaris through an exfoliating effect
  • Increases collagen production.

A professional DP Dermaceuticals mask is then applied and, to further stimulate the skin, the “Celluma Medical Light Therapy” with blue light will pamper your skin for 30 minutes.

(Akne-) Narben Behandlungen

Narben Starter Facial. This treatment is particularly suitable for (acne) scars.

Do you suffer from scars or acne scars? Then this facial treatment is suitable for you to improve the appearance of your skin.
We will prepare your skin, cleanse it and use a medical, fractionated mesotherapy microneedling with Dermapen4 – DP4.
To intensify your treatment, we will perform an acid application – “ÜBER Peel” – and combine this with a DP Dermaceuticals Facial Mask, which allows the absorption of the high quality active ingredients into the skin.
Finally, the Celluma Medical Light Therapy is applied for 30 minutes, which accelerates the regeneration of the scar tissue. At the end of the treatment, you will receive a cocktail of active ingredients as a serum and a finishing treatment.

Scar Deluxe Facial is a treatment for skin with acne scars using radiofrequency microneedling “SECRET RF”.
Secret RF is a fractional mesotherapy microneedling using the regenerative energy of radiofrequency. RF Microneedling is an innovative facial treatment for skin rejuvenation that combines the mechanical action of tiny needles with the precise delivery of stimulating radiofrequency energy:

  • Deep penetration and stimulation:
    The use of radiofrequency waves heats the deeper skin tissue, leading to even greater stimulation of collagen and elastin formation, which stimulates and regenerates broken scar tissue.
  • Effective and difficult to treat problems:
    Acne scars and other scars can be treated effectively. The treatment improves skin texture as dead skin cells are removed. The scars become more even and their visibility is reduced – the skin becomes smoother.
  • Utilization of mesotherapy:
    Mesotherapy is used to introduce highly effective active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid or vitamin cocktails, into the skin, deeply nourishing and regenerating it.
    A professional acid – ÜBER Peel – is then applied, followed by a DP Dermaceuticals face mask and 30 minutes of Celluma Medical Light Therapy with red light, which
  • which additionally stimulates the activation of the skin cells.
  • You then receive a suitable high-quality cocktail of active ingredients and a finishing treatment.

Well Aging/ Anti Aging

“Last, but not least” we think about your skin: 30+, 40+, 50+ and 60+ too, of course! We have prepared 4 different facial treatments for you:

Anti-Aging Dermapen 4 (DP4)
Facial Well-Aging /Anti-Aging facial treatment using medical fractionated mesotherapy microneedling with DERMAPEN 4 (DP4) with the appropriate high-quality cocktail of active ingredients.
DP4 is an excellent anti-aging treatment for several reasons:

  • Stimulation of collagen and elastin:
    Dermapen 4 uses tiny needles that penetrate the skin’s surface to stimulate the body’s natural collagen and elastin production. This results in firmer and tighter skin.
  • Improved skin texture:
    Dead skin cells are removed and the skin texture improves. Personalized treatment: The treatment intensity can be individually adjusted.
  • Utilization of mesotherapy: With mesotherapy, highly effective active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or vitamin cocktails are infused into the skin, deeply nourishing and regenerating it.
    First, a professional acid – ABOUT peel is applied, followed by a DP Dermaceutical face mask and 30 minutes of Celluma medical Light Therapy with red light, which additionally stimulates the activity of the skin cells.

Anti-Aging RF
Gesichts-Well-Aging/ Anti-Aging-Gesichtsbehandlung durch Radiofrequenz-Microneedling mit SECRET RF – fraktionierte Mesotherapie mit RF-Energie mit passendem hochwertigen Wirkstoffcocktail.

RF-Microneedling ist eine innovative Hautverjüngungsbehandlung, die die mechanische Wirkung winziger Nadeln mit der präzisen Abgabe stimulierender Radiofrequenzenergie kombiniert:

  • Tiefenwirkung: Durch den Einsatz von Radiofrequenzwellen wird das tiefer liegende Hautgewebe erwärmt, was zu einer noch stärkeren Stimulation der Kollagen- und Elastinbildung führt, die das zerstörte Narbengewebe stimuliert und regeneriert.
  • Wirksame und schwer zu behandelnde Probleme: Aknenarben und andere Narben können wirksam behandelt werden. Verbesserte Hautbeschaffenheit (abgestorbene Hautzellen werden entfernt und die Hautbeschaffenheit verbessert sich. Die Narben werden gleichmäßiger, die Haut wird glatter und die Narben werden weniger sichtbar.
  • Anwendung der Mesotherapie: Bei der Mesotherapie werden hochwirksame Wirkstoffe wie Hyaluronsäure oder Vitamin-Cocktails in die Haut eingeschleust, die sie tiefgreifend nähren und regenerieren.

Zunächst wird ein professionelles Säure-ÜB-Peeling aufgetragen, danach erhalten Sie eine DP Dermaceuticals Gesichtsmaske und 30 Minuten Celluma Medical Light Therapy mit Rotlicht, das die Aktivität der Hautzellen zusätzlich anregt.

Anti-Aging Peel

Facial Well-Aging /Anti-Aging facial treatment with dermatological medium-depth peeling COSMO PEEL and matching high-quality cocktail of active ingredients.
Dermatological peels have been considered a very good method of renewing the skin for dozens of years. Instead of a device, a liquid is used to create an effect on the skin. Cosmo Peel or Cosmo Peel Forte is used to remove dead skin cells and reveal the new skin underneath. The peeling is very demanding:
Cell renewal ,
collagen production,
Improvement of the complexion,
pore reduction

and gives (almost) immediate results!
You will then receive a DP Dermaceuticals face mask and Celluma medical Light Therapy with red light, which additionally stimulates the activity of the skin cells.

Anti-Aging HIFU

Facial Well-Aging /Anti Aging treatment with highly focused ultrasound. It is an advanced technology for powerful skin tightening with matching, high quality cocktails of active ingredients.

Here are some reasons why you should try HIFU:

  • Stimulation of collagen production: HIFU uses focused ultrasound to deliver heat under the skin. This stimulates collagen production, the natural protein that gives the skin its firmness and elasticity. More collagen leads to firmer, smoother and younger looking skin.
    -Non-surgical and minimally invasive: Unlike a surgical facelift, HIFU is non-invasive. This means less downtime, no anesthesia or incisions and a lower risk of complications.
  • Targeted and precise: HIFU can target specific areas of the skin, including hard-to-treat areas such as the chin
  • Long-lasting effects: While results vary from person to person, HIFU can provide long-lasting improvements in skin elasticity, often for a year.
  • Skin texture improvement: HIFU can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improve overall skin texture.

You will then receive a DP Dermaceuticals facial mask and Celluma medical Light Therapy with red light, which further stimulates skin cell activity. There is no downtime.

We are happy to consult you and start your winter journey with Laser Ästhetik! Book your free of charge consultation now.

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What clients say

4.94 / 5
Stefan D.
28. July 2016
Behandlungsfortschritt und Behandlungserfolg sind gemäß Behandlungsplan. Sehr angenehm, dass verschiedene Therapeuten völlig gleich arbeiten. Auch Preisangebote sind unabhängig vom anbietenden Therapeuten. Das vermittelt viel Vertrauen und hohe Zuverlässigkeit. Lasse inzwischen zweite Tattoo entfernen. Rundum professionell. Absolut weiter zu empfehlen!
Marelena G.
30. November 2016
Sehr gute Beratung & Erklärung der einzelnen Vorgehensweisen. Fachliche Kompetenz auf hohem Niveau und sehr freundlicher Empfang!
Monika S.
14. September 2016
Kann ich absolut nur empfehlen! Sehr professionell, perfektes Ergebnis und ein sehr sympathisches tolles Team! Preis - Leistungsverhältnis unschlagbar!!!
Roland K.
4. December 2015
Ich kann das Studio in Essen uneingeschränkt weiter empfehlen. Beratung und Behandlung sind super, die Preise moderat und die Ergebnisse sind einfach überzeugend.
Julia B.
11. April 2019
Ich bin mit der Tattooentfernung bisher sehr zufrieden. Ich empfehle das Institut gerne weiter.
Matthäus T.
27. June 2017
Extrem gute Arbeit. Ich bin sehr zufrieden. Das permanent Make-up ist schon nach der ersten Behandlung fast nicht mehr zu sehen. Danke
Dennis D.
27. June 2017
Eigentlich sind 5 Sterne zu wenig für so eine tolle Beratung(: Die Karo hat sich viel Zeit genommen für mich und hat mich aufgeklärt über das Lasern. Ich kann das Laser Studio jeden empfehlen. Sei es für eine Aufhellung bzw. Cover up oder eine komplette Entfernung! Ich freue mich auf die nächste Sitzung (: Danke Karo
Deborah R. A.
29. June 2016
Sehr nette und kompetente Betreuung! Vielen lieben Dank. Das Permanent-make up ist fast weg. Ich fühle mich sehr gut aufgehoben und kann das Studio aus vollsten Überzeugung weiterempfehlen!
Danny B.
13. March 2016
Eine sehr kompetente und professionelle Beratung und Arbeit die bei Endlich Ohne an den Tag gelegt wird. Schon nach wenigen Sitzungen sieht man sehr gute Ergebnisse. Die Behandlung erfolgt sehr professionell und man fühlt sich Top aufgehoben. Zu 110% weiterzuempfehlen.
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